AO Scooters Quadrum 2 Trick Sparkcykel Turquoise


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The completely re-designed headtube offers 1" more room between the deck and wheel and has a super wide front area which is perfect for nose blunts. Other highlights are 110 mm spoked aluminum wheels, a steel flex brake, high precision headsets and mini HIC system with double clamp.

Total höjd: 83.5cm
Kompression typ: IHC
Hjul diameter: 110mm
Vikt: 3356g
Bar bredd: 600mm
Framgaffel typ: Utan gänga
Material: Aluminium
Deck design: One-piece
Deck längd: 52cm (20.5")
Deck bredd: 12.2cm (4.8")
Konkav: Ja
Framgaffel design: One-piece
Bar material: Aluminium
Bar höjd: 610mm
Bar ytterdiameter: 35mm (Oversized)
Bar innediameter: 28mm
Backsweep: Ingen
Clamp storlek: Double
Hjul profil: Rund
Kärna material: Aluminium
Kärna design: Spoked
Axel diameter: 8mm
Broms typ: Flex Fender
Samling: Delvis samlad
Kategori: Sparkcykel Kickbike
Artikelnummer: 3c8ad2b3-3735-44a5-8be1-3b5b3f6ae62f